Ammonia and guppies

The male guppy was swimming at the bottom of the tank. The next morning I found him by the filter. I also found three of the guppy fry dead in the bottom of the breeder box. I took in a sample of water to Petmart and the ammonia levels in the tank had risen to a harmful 3. I did a 50% water change before I left for Petsmart. I had just finished treating the tank with Melafix and had replaced the carbon in the filter. The ammonia was probably caused by the food, which I have not found a good balance yet for feeding the fry and one adult guppy. I was feeding them frozen brine shrimp, rotated with spirolina. Now that there are 10 guppy fry I changed over to freeze dried brine shrimp and have only given them tiny pinches of food at feeding times.

I ordered an API freshwater testing kit, because as much as I like going into the pet store I want to be able to check the water quality frequently. I also ordered a new sponge filter for the tank that may work a better than the current one. Its a XY-2831 Air Pump Sponge Filter. It is a biological and mechanical filter, that a lot of guppy breeders use in their tanks. Like the current one I have it will prevent fry from being sucked into the filter and will be easy to clean. Since this model has two sponges I can also use one of the mature sponges when I want to start up a new tank. I will be starting a new tank when I am ready to breed the current fish I have.


The fry are two weeks old now. I am beginning to see differences in their markings and tails. Also so of them are a little darker than the others. There is still no difference between the sexes, but I don’t expect to see a difference until they are 4-6 weeks old. I will release them into the main tank when they are a little bigger so I don’t lose them while I am trying to clean the tank. I have some brine shrimp eggs arriving soon, so the fry will have some live food. I will let you know how I end up hatching the brine shrimp.


2 weeks old. 10 guppy fry.


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