Guppy fry are a week old now and more updates

The guppy fry are now a week old and have doubled in size. Some are slightly smaller than other. Their scales are shinier and they are starting to look more and more like fish. It is not yet easy to tell the difference between males and females. I expect it will be easier to tell in a week or two. I am looking forward to seeing the difference  in size and appearance in a week.


Its hard to see but the fry have grown.

I lost the other two females. One had a graze near her gills and started to swim sideways and upside down. It looked like the issue might have been swim bladder related, but I am not quite sure why she had a visual wound. I tried feeding her a little piece of green pea in case she was bloated. The other female, who is the mother of the fry had something wrong with her mouth. It looked like her upper lip was missing or that her jaw had been dislocated.

I had already done a water change and have been adding melafix to the tank. Today I am on day five of treating the tank. I also went into Petsmart and had the water tested. The pH level was 8.4 which is too alkaline for keeping guppies. The ideal pH for guppies is between 7.0, but they can handle 6.8-7.8. The ammonia level in the tank was .5, since there had just been a death in the tank the woman testing the water suspected it was due to that. She suggested that I buy bacteria starter for my tank. She led me to Marineland Total Care Aquarium Bacteria. I treated the tank for three days and did a 25% water change today. I am taking some water in tomorrow to be tested again. Another thing I could have done was started a tank and cycled it for about four weeks before adding fish. Cycling the tank would help increase Nitrosomanas and Nitobactor bacteria in the tank, which help change ammonia into Nitrate.


Water test from Petsmart showing the pH and ammonia levels.

I am hoping that the pH and ammonia levels have changed.


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