Guppy breeding,what a surprise

Yesterday I mentioned that one of my guppies was exhibiting signs of labor, the one with more white on her tail. She was staying still and spending a lot of her time either hiding in the plants or staying right by the water heater. Well I was right! I checked the tank in the morning and there didn’t seem to be signs of any fry. I fed the cats, let the chickens out, fed my dog and was upstairs for a bit. I went back downstairs to check her and found quite a few fry swimming around in the tank. Not only that I actually witnessed one of the fry being born.


Here is a picture of the female staying by the water heater.

The gestation of a female guppy is around 20-30 days. Since I have no idea when her eggs were fertilized, I have no idea how long her pregnancy was. From what I have read, her labor could last from 12-24 hours. I had her in the fry nursery box for a little while, It was getting hard to catch the fry. I released her before I went to yoga, in order to avoid stressing her out and also to avoid coming back to less fry. After I came back there was one guppy fry in the main tank. I am keeping an eye out for more. So far the fry count is thirteen.

Females can drop 2-200 fry. Thirteen fry is pretty good for what I suspect is a first time mom. A lot of new moms will have 2-6 fry in their first drop. Guppies tend to eat their young, so I am keeping the guppies I caught in my fry nursery box. This will give them a chance to grow without becoming food.


Fry in nursery box. I placed a plant in the top for the fry to hide. Since I took the photo I removed the fry catcher from the bottom.

The fry are so small and are look very much the same. In a week I should be able to see some difference between them. But first I need to feed them at least five times a day. Preferably they should be eating live brine shrimp, frozen is a good substitute. Unfortunately I only have the food I a feeding the adults, which is TetraMin tropical granules. I have been crumbling the granules into powder so the fry can fit the tiny pieces in their mouths. Fry can also eat algae from plants and vegetables. I actually had some spirulina powder in my fridge so I sprinkled a small amount in the tank for both the fry and adults. The fry especially liked it.

That is my update for today. I promised pictures of my adult fish so I will end this post with them.


My male yellow and black tuxedo guppy.


My white/blue and my black guppy.



All four guppies in the bare bottom tank. You can see some of the colors better in this picture.


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